At Guam golf courses, whilst playing golf you can come into contact with the beautiful sea, the fresh wind and colorful and beautiful flowers and fruit trees.
From the staff at all the golf courses we have heard many interesting episodes related to nature.
Well….. ok, I’ll tell you then!

Another Sarazen Bridge

Another Sarazen BridgeAt the Onward Golf Resort, The 3rd middle hole, 16th short hole designed by the US senior pro golfer Gene Sarazen.His many records shine brightly in the history of golf and of course is also well known as the inventor of the sand wedge.Among his many victories is the still talked about remarkable double eagle comeback victory which left a historical mark in the Masters.The achievement is lauded by the Sarazen Bridge over the pond at the 15th hole of the Augusta International golf club.

The Onward Golf Resort has also shown its appreciation of that feat by building the Sarazen Bridge, which can be seen on the path when moving from the out short hole between the middle 2nd and 3rd hole.The Sarazen bridge, which spans some wetlands, plays an important part in preserving Guam’s nature.

If you are going by in a cart, even though you may not have much time, please enjoy the natural jungle which is close at hand. If you recall Sarazen’s double eagle, then surely you will be rewarded with good luck at hole No. 3.

Onward Talofofo Golf Club

Important historical structure.
“Water catchment container site”

Important historical structure.“Water On the north course, at No. 6 and just to the right of the green, the remains of a water catchment container lie preserved. It was discovered when the golf course was being developed. Local elementary pupils occasionally visit on field trips. If you are not in a hurry, please take a look at this site.

Starts Guam Golf Resort

Mangilao Three Head Lions

Mangirao Three Head LionsMoving from the 11th hole towards the 12th on Mangilao, you can see a rather interesting rock formation. There are 3 rocks at the base of the cliff, just at the surface of the water. The rocks look like 3 lions with their mouths open. It seems that this is where the name of the course is derived from. If you stop to gaze, all at once you can enjoy the blueness of the ocean, the sound of the waves and a comfortable breeze. It really is a soothing feeling.

If players were to stop here, the progress of play would be held up and so the golf course has not publicized its existence. It is one of Guam’s secret beauty spots.

Onward Mangilao Golf Club

Banion Tree / Taotaomona

Banion Tree / TaotaomonaOn the 7th hole, beside the fairway and on the right is a large swamp. It is the habitat of lots of wild fowl, large lizards., Dublin Bay prawns etc. Just before the green and on the right beside the No. 4 hole is a large Banion tree.

This tree has a great big branch which spreads out and is a big obstacle to you keeping your par! A legend still remains in which it is said that an ancient Chammorran ghost, long called Taotaomona, resides in this strange tree. It is also thought that the ghost hates being disturbed. Even among Chommorrans today, there are some that fear they will be struck with a Taotaomona illness if they urinate on the tree, behave in an unruly manner near the tree or fail to believe in the existence of the ghost. It may even be possible that some of those chammorran ancestors lie in repose somewhere in this tree!

If, while you are playing a round of golf, your ball either hits the tree or you drive a shot in to the tree, it might be prudent to bow and apologise!

Onward Talofofo Golf Club

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Guam’s flying chicken!

Guam’s flying chicken!Do you know about the wild chicken that can be seen at Guam’s golf courses? It seems that the bird can be seen at the top of trees, on the look out for wild dogs or cats that wish to steal its eggs. The birds movements makes it appear that it is trying to struggle free from the tree, thus creating the image that it is flying!

“The flying chicken” ? don’t you want to see it?

Starts Guam Golf Resort

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The lizard which was mistaken for a crocodile!

The lizard which was mistaken for a crocodile!There are wild pigs, lizards and deer etc on Guam’s golf courses. There was a case on the Mangirao course where a customer mistook a lizard for a crocodile. Apparently, he was angry and said “ Don’t leave such dangerous creatures on the course”.

A crocodile is dangerous but a poor timid creature like a lizard!

Onward Mangilao Golf Club

Latte Stone Mini Park

Latte Stone Mini ParkOn the east course No. 10 on the right, There is a mini park with a collection of latte stones that were unearthed when the course was being built.

There have been many latte stones unearthed across the island but in this case, they found rather intriguing looking remains of cup-shaped stones (called Tasa) stacked on top of stonepillars (called Hareiruge). Visitors to Guam should see these unique shapes at least one. However, their purpose remains an enigema.

As it is a little far from the tee ground, the golf course fears that it might hold up the progree of play and thus has not given the mini park much advertisement. The next time you visit, why don’t you discreetly ask the staff about it and when your round is over take a cart and go have a look. Okay, enough stories, let’s leave it at that.

Onward Talofofo Golf Club